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Please answer the following questions about your PRESENT Kitchen

What I like BEST about my kitchen:

What I like LEAST about my kitchen:

Is there an eating area in the kitchen:

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Is the eating area large enough?

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Is the kitchen currently used for activities other than cooking? (studying, entertaining, etc)

  Yes       No

If so what? 

Is there enough counter space in the kitchen?

  Yes       No

How many people are usually cooking in the kitchen at once?  

Do you have any special needs in your kitchen
(left-handed, children, elderly, disabled, other):

Is there enough storage space?

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Think of the style you would like in your NEW Kitchen

Wood type you would like:

Door Style:  






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Stove: (width)


Cook Top:  (width)


Wall Oven: (width)


Type of Wall Oven:


Refrigerator: (width)




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Trash Compactor: (width)


Wine refrigerator:  (width)


Please provide more information about your Kitchen:

Floor to Ceiling Height:

Is there a soffit in place?

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Floor to bottom of soffit in inches:

Depth of soffit:

Wish List:  (Check all that apply)

Decorative Bookshelves


Built-in wine rack


Tall utility cabinet with roll-out drawers for easy access


Convenient roll-out shelves for easy pot and pan access


A microwave cabinet to save counter space


A swing out base cabinet or lazy susan to maximize storage


Divided storage for cooking trays and cutting board storage


A spice rack to keep ingredients at your fingertips


A handy food preparation center with cutlery storage, cutting board, etc.


A tilt-down drawer under the sink to store cleaning supplies


Glass door cabinets to create an open feeling


Trim pieces such as crown moldings, under cabinet moldings, furniture legs


Additional Comments, Questions:

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